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Fairbank Village Demographics (within a 30-minute walk)



Future Growth Due to New Subway Station


The Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) project is the largest transit expansion in the history of Toronto. The light rail transit line will extend along a 19 kilometer corridor of Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis and Kennedy Station (Metrolinx, 2014). It is scheduled for completion in 2021. Fairbank Station at Eglinton Avenue and Dufferin Street will significantly increase travel of potential customers and pedestrian foot traffic within the local area. It is expected that sales growth and residential and commercial development will increase once the new subway line is in operation and also investment in commercial and public development projects has materialized.

Fairbank Station Design


BIA Plans to Invest in Streetscaping


Once the subway is complete, the BIA and City of Toronto plan to invest in a major streetscape redesign including items such as: new planters, pedestrian pole lighting, wayfinding and possibly a gateway feature landmark. 

Eglinton Connects StreetviewSource: Eglinton Connects




All businesses in the area, whether professional, dining, entertainment, retail or finance, benefit from the improved local atmosphere and ambiance that Fairbank Village BIA helps to create. Planters, banners, benches, etc.

Beautification - Hanging Baskets of Flowers


Members Services

Marketing initiatives and programs to assist local businesses. Recent projects include:


  • Coupon-Calendar Mailout
  • Free One-on-one Social Media Training
  • Members’ newsletters with marketing tips
  • A business directory listing and photography
  • Free Window Display Redesigns
  • Assisting with various applications and facilitating access to various programs and opportunities

Photographs of Fairbank Businesses


Grants Currently Available for Fairbank Village BIA Members:


•  City of Toronto’s Mural and Street Art Program:

This program provides up to $5,000 to business and community organizations for outside mural or outside art projects in commercial or employment areas. The goal of the program is to encourage these organizations to leverage other funding, develop local commitment and involvements, and to promote and improve their communities.


  Commercial Façade Improvement Program:

This program is available to owners and tenants of buildings used for commercial purposes at street level located in eligible BIAs listed above. Under the program the City funding is equal to one-half of the costs of approved improvements to a maximum grant of $10,000 ($12,500 for a corner property). Applications for work totaling less than $5,000 are ineligible.


Events to promote your business and the area

Fairbank Village produces various events throughout the year to attract thousands of new visitors and build a strong community spirit. Our annual summer festival, Flavours of Fairbank closes down Eglinton for a weekend of music, entertainment, rides, and sidewalk sales. Member businesses receive free vendor space in this two-day event in order to promote their products or businesses.


December is a time for family and shopping, and our Light up the Holidays event brings everyone together for tree lighting fun! Other events such as movie nights and our Pumpkin Giveaway round out the year. The events are also a great platform for creating additional partnerships to promote individual businesses.Flavours of Fairbank - Crowd Picture

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